The Air Force has launched an investigation to determine whether an e-mail message from Colonel Kimberly Toney, a commander located in Europe, violated military religious neutrality by asking personnel to view an “inspirational” story and video on a Catholic website, according to The New York Times, which highlights an old theme that is familiar to readers in Colorado. Three years ago, Mikey Weinstein, a 1977 honors graduate of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, began a legal battle against the military for evangelical Christian proselytizing at the academy, as the Colorado Springs Independent reported at the time. Weinstein also heads the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an organization now suing the Defense Department over what it charges is a pattern of religious bias in the military. Weinstein tells the Times the Toney incident is a “textbook case” of improper religious influence. The video at features a man born without arms or legs crediting Jesus with helping him overcome his limitations, writes the Times, pointing out that one image on the site “satirized” President Barack Obama’s “support for abortion rights by showing him wearing a Nazi uniform and waving a flag with a swastika.” The Stanford Progressive, meanwhile, grills Weinstein about religion in the military.