The Denver Broncos have expressed what they’d like to do with several key free agents, showing the most interest in defensive end/linebacker hybrid Elvis Dumervil and putting wide receiver Brandon Marshall in a position to be traded. The team either must offer their restricted free agents contract tenders today or let them walk free.

They’ve already put a first and third-round tender on Dumervil (right). The Broncos have seven days to match any other offer on him, and if they lose him, the other team will have to give the Broncos a first and third-round pick in April’s NFL draft. That probably won’t happen, though, and The Denver Post is certain, saying Dumervil isn’t going anywhere.

The same cannot be said for Marshall, whom the Broncos tendered with a first-round pick. Chances are that plenty of teams will offer Marshall a deal and are willing to give the Broncos a first-round pick for him, but it also leaves the Broncos room to resign him if they can match the offer.

Mile High Report thinks Marshall and the Broncos will come out as winners: The Broncos can claim they are letting the market determine how much Marshall can be paid, or he can return to the Broncos next year to satisfy the fans. Pro Football Talk reports that the Chicago Bears are interested in reuniting Marshall with quarterback Jay Cutler, but they need to work a deal, since their first pick in this year’s draft was already given to the Broncos in the Cutler trade.

The Broncos also put first-round tenders on quarterback Kyle Orton and guard Chris Kuper, and a second-round tender on Tony Scheffler.

Meanwhile, the trial of Willie Clark, the man accused of murdering former Bronco Darrent Williams, is entering the eighth day, with the most compelling testimony of the past few days coming from Clark’s one-time cellmate. He claims Clark told him he had “put [Williams] to sleep” and wished he would have killed former Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker, as well (via Westword).