It’s on. The NBA All Star Weekend will take over Denver this weekend, and I’m nowhere near ready. Where’s my bling? My fur coat? My Bentley? My entourage? My red carpet?

Shit. I am so not ready for this. (Obviously I need a better publicist.)

But that’s me. The rest of the cool kids in clubland are getting psyched (and really, really nervous) as game time approaches. Our game, of course, has zero involvement with balls, hoops, or scoring points. Well, maybe scoring a lil’… sumpin’ sumpin. This weekend, it’s all about people-watching, celebrity-spotting, playah-hating, hip-hopping, and seeing how it all goes down.

As I lay out my party itinerary (it’s not as easy as you may think, actually) I’m really starting to realize how huge this weekend is for Denver’s image outside the region. Will the red carpet at Rise and Rox be studded with enough celebrities this weekend? I heard that Miss-Jackson-if-you’re-nasty will be there. Will she keep her clothes on? Can the servers at The Church keep P. Diddy and his party train properly supplied with Cristal? Does your average cow-towner even care?

I’ll be there to see as many of these events as I can, and I’ll be telling you all about them over the next few days. Tonight, I’m in hiding before the rush starts tomorrow. If you’re dying to get the party started, head to Dream nightclub tonight for the NYC vs. Denver DJ battle. You can tell me how it was.