The All Star Party Posse hits the town starting tonight. For many of the events, I’m actually flying solo, but there are several of my friends in the same boat and we’re all keeping in touch over the weekend.

It’s officially going to be insane. Even for me, a self-proclaimed hardcore party hound, this will be challenging. I’m trying to scout out as many events as possible, hoping to spot celebs in their natural environment. Who’s that trashy heiress drinking Cristal from the bottle? That rapper getting busy with his Denver fan club in the corner VIP booth? Or the local gal flashing the camera tonight when Wild On E! films at Lotus during the Yin Yang Twins’ performance?

Ugh. I’m getting that player hater feeling already, and it hasn’t even started.

Guess I’d better quit my bitching though. I have managed to finagle invites to several A-list parties, and the fun starts tonight.

Former Mayor Wellington Webb is the coolest grandfather in town. He and his grandson, Jason Craft, are hosting a huge bash at Bash (sorry, had to). Denver native Craft is a cornerback for the New Orleans Saints, so expect to plenty of NFL and NBA players to be on hand for the parties tonight and Sunday. Big Boi from OutKast cohosts tonight along with Fabolous, who’s scheduled for a special performance. (That Fabolous gets around — he’s scheduled at at least four parties this weekend!)

This is only the first event on my lengthy list. Later tonight, I’ll planning to hit Lotus for the filming of Wild On E! during the Yin Yang Twins performance. Ladies — call the club to waive the cover tonight — they want the club full of hotties to make sure Denver looks good.

Up next, it’s over to Club Sky above Jackson’s Hole for the Jadakiss show at 12:30 a.m. (I’ll be sleeping late tomorrow, fo’ sho’). And after that, it’s off to Club Carmelo, where Carmelo Anthony will park it for the weekend to entertain hoardes of celebs and party people. Club ‘Melo is actually the Paladium night club and the Oasis Cabaret (read: strip club), but he’s rented the entire building for the next four nights. It’s good to be a playah. Tonight, Lil’ Jon and Ludacris are scheduled for appearances; whether or not they’ll perform is up in the air. Still, it’s sure to be worth the drive just to rub elbows with the stars. Is it worth the $125 cover charge? That remains to be seen.

Check back tomorrow for stories. AFTER noon or so. Club ‘Melo stays open until 4 a.m., so I’ll surely be needing my beauty rest. Gotta look good next the groupies, right?