Thank God it’s over.

I’m officially sick now, after a long weekend of club hopping and idiotic celeb-spotting. I have no pride left, and all I want is OJ, chicken soup, a warm bed, and the remote control. I think I’ll be fine in about a week.

(Yes, as a matter of fact I can hear that tiny violin playing in the background, thanks.)

This time I won’t bother with the hourly breakdown, because last night I parked my little white-girl booty at The Church for the entire evening. Maybe I’m jaded after four days of acting like a groupie/dork/reporter all weekend, but seeing P. Diddy and LeBron James just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. (For the record, also seen: Fabolous, Trevor Pryce and wife Sonya, Cisco Elsen, Dominique Wilkins, Cedric the Entertainer, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Ruben Studdard.)

Things that I’ve learned this weekend:

  1. Stars come in very different forms, and some are total assholes. Others are super nice, normal, cool people. This shouldn’t be a breakthrough observation, but call me slow. I’ve only recently figured this out through experience.
  2. The NBA All Star markup at the bars was about 100 percent. $15 cocktails were the norm. I can’t afford to live in NYC or LA, where this really is the norm.
  3. Denver does not have a nightlife scene after 3 a.m. You simply cannot make something out of nothing. Aside from a few private parties, us Denverites roll up our streets and call it good. I don’t mind this, quite frankly. Staying out every night until 4 and 5 a.m. is not just hard on the body, it’s dumb. Another late-coming realization.
  4. Basketball and hip hop are cool. I have a lot to learn about both, but my crash-course over the weekend was an eye (and ear) opener. The Slam Dunk contest? Really cool.
  5. The All Star Weekend mix tape, heard at every freakin’ club all weekend long, includes the following songs: Snoop Dog, “Drop it Like it’s Hot;” J-Kwon, “Everbody in the Club Gettin Tipsy;” and Usher, “Freak a Leak.” If I never hear these songs again, I’ll be a happy gal.

This week, it’s movies, books, bubble baths, and mineral water for me.

I’m going back to the couch now.