You don’t have to be a jazz lover to dig the scene at Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge. It’s dark, kinda classy, and owner Donald Rossa is usually on hand to make sure that everyone settles in comfortably. Between the cotton-candy colored lights behind the bar – and in the glass display case full of vintage cocktail shakers and martini glasses – and the snug little booths that line the walls of the lounge and the dining room, this spot practically screams “date night.” Plus, they have the coolest cocktail menu in town, hands down. And I don’t mean the drinks, I mean the menu, literally. Plunk down at the bar, and you’ll be handed an old jazz record album cover – sans the records, of course. Flip it open to view the available thirst-busters inside. Snazzy. For those who do love all that jazz, check out the dazzling divas scheduled for the next four days. Tonight, it’s Alexis Cole at 7 p.m. ($7); Friday, Hazel Miller and the Excess 3 take the stage at 7 and 9 p.m. ($7); Saturday, vocalist Jerrine Racek puts on a show along with Bill Bohnenblust (piano), Ron Moewes (drums), Andrew Hudson (bass – and yes, as in former Mayor Webb’s press secretary), and Clare Church (sax/clarinet) at 7 and 9 p.m. ($8); and on Sunday night, catch Sheryl Renee saluting Etta James, Carole King, and Stevie Wonder at 7:30 p.m. ($7).