Colorado Senator Wayne Allard has been appointed to replace the retiring Ben Nighthorse Campbell on the Senate Appropriations Committee. Allard will relinquish his seats on the Armed Services and Environment and Public Works Committees.

Senators that serve on the Appropriations Committee have a better shot of steering federal funds to their home districts. Allard already has formulated a plan. The Transportation Expansion Project and Rocky Flats cleanup top his list. Then,

He will seek continued funding for the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson and ongoing projects at the Buckley and Peterson Air Force bases and the Pueblo Chemical Depot.

If Allard succeeds in driving federal funds to Colorado, it would benefit his chance at winning a third term in the Senate. But he says he will keep his promise of a self-imposed two term limit and return to Colorado. Does he, like Nighthorse Campbell, have his eye on the Governor’s mansion?

If so, he may have to do without the services of his former campaign manager Dick Wadhams, who is booked for 2006. Wadhams will be working as Chief of Staff for Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia, who may throw his hat in the ring for President in 2008.

Speaking of Nighthorse Campbell, the Denver Post dissed him in an editorial Monday for giving his staff $248,000 in raises this year. They call it the “Great Campbell Flame Out.” The Post continues:

His exit has caused Colorado to lose seniority and clout in Washington and angered Republicans forced to spend millions in a losing battle to retain his seat….Campbell has expressed interest in the 2006 race for governor, but given his lackadaisical finale as senator, we don’t see that he has the energy for it.