U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) will decide in January whether to seek a third term as Senator.

Odds are he will decide not to run again:

Some have speculated Allard will opt against another run, pointing to the slight $122,476 in his campaign war chest. That’s a fraction of what other incumbents readying for competitive races have on hand.

Rep. Mark Udall, who will seek the Democratic nomination for Senate, already has amassed $1.3 million.

There’s also his campaign pledge in both 1996 and 2002 not to seek a third term.

It also sounds like Allard is breaking with Bush on the war in Iraq:

Allard told the breakfast club he was disappointed the United States wasn’t able to pull more troops out of Iraq this year

“We don’t want to have a premature pullout,” Allard said at the breakfast, at Cottonwood Club, 6813 S. College Ave. “But we need to have a calculated pullout over time when we force the Iraqis to take more control.”