After a half-hour in-person meeting, Sen. Wayne Allard has announced his support for the nomination of Judge Sam Alito to the Supreme Court.

I would have felt more comfortable if Sen. Allard withheld his decision until after the confirmation hearings. Judge Alito has some explaining to do about his past opposition to abortion and affirmative action.

Alito, in applying to be deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration, wrote that “the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion” and made a powerful declaration of his conservatism, citing William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater as big influences on his philosophy. Alito wrote that he believed strongly in the Reagan administration’s positions on abortion and affirmative action.

I also want to hear his responses to probing questions about his views on criminal justice issues and his assurances that his prior career as a prosecutor and attorney for the Government won’t make him give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt in his rulings.

I think Sen. Allard has spoken too soon.