Will Wayne Allard run for a third Senate term in 2008? The Denver Post reports that if he does, he won’t have an easy time of it.

Allard, a Republican with one of the most conservative voting records in the Senate, clearly knows the challenges he d face in 2008. His state tilted toward the Democrats in last month s election, and there s already a Democrat with a pro-environment bent in the race.

Rep. Mark Udall, a five-term congressman and member of a veteran Western political family, has announced that he ll run for Allard s seat. So far Udall has raised $1.2 million in campaign funds. Allard has just $120,000 in his war chest, although he s known to raise most of his campaign money closer to the election.

The non-partisan Cook Report says this race will be one of the three most competitive in the country.

If Allard decides to run, here’s how the Post describes his likely campaign platform.

Asked what he has accomplished in a decade in the Senate, Allard doesn’ t talk first about how he led the attempt to ban same-sex marriage, or how he pushed for billions of dollars for research into a missile-defense system, or how he pressed to improve the U.S. Air Force Academy s handling of sex-assault accusations.

He wants people to know he protected endangered fish.

As to his record:

In his decade in the Senate, he has been a loyal vote for a number of conservative causes, from cutting taxes to protecting gun rights to limiting abortion. He has focused heavily on Colorado issues and has passed just one bill with a national scope.

I wonder if Allard will be able to run from his old campaign pledge to abide by a two term limit.

Allard, 63, pledged in 1996 to serve just two Senate terms. He now says voters view term limits differently.

How so? Because they re-elected Tom Tancredo who vowed to limit himself to three Congressional terms and then reneged on his promise? I think voters are tired of politicians who make promises they don’t keep.