With outstanding hospitals like National Jewish Health and the Children’s Hospital, Denver has a reputation for top-notch health care. And one of the benefits of having such renowned health-care resources right here in town is being able to take advantage of the increasing specialization of medicine (see “Top Doctors,” page 88). If your GP doesn’t have the answer for what’s ailing you, try one of Denver’s lesser-known clinical centers, which treat particular conditions with ultra-focused testing, diagnoses, or procedures. Check out a sampling below.

Your problem Persistent ringing in the ears, aka tinnitus
The clinic Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center, 2390 S. Downing St., Suite D, 303-534-0163, www.tinnitusandhearing.com
Your solution Neuromonics: Developed in Australia, this drug-free treatment program requires six to nine months of customized sound therapy that involves two to eight headphone-clad hours per day of listening to music tailored to your exact tinnitus (ringing) pitch and frequency.
Docs on call Dr. Patty Kalmbach or Dr. Lisa Evans-Smith
Who knew? 50 million Americans are affected by tinnitus; this clinic was the first in Colorado to treat the condition.

Your problem Chronic laryngitis or hoarseness
The clinic Colorado Voice Clinic, 930 W. Seventh Ave., Unit B, 303-844-3000, www.coloradovoiceclinic.com
Your solution Videostroboscopy: A tiny camera at the end of a flexible tube, inserted through the nasal passage and into the throat, photographs the vocal chords; the photos appear on a giant screen for analyses. Treatment varies.
Docs on call Dr. David Opperman or William “Buzz” Reifman, P.A.
Who knew? The “rock docs” are in the same building as Chuck Morris’ AEG Live; the office has a fully stocked green room, complete with secret passage to the AEG Live digs, for big musicians.

Your problem Feeling like the “before” shot in an anti-wrinkle skincare commercial
The clinic The Element Center for Integrative Health, 2839 Wyandot St., 303-455-0277, www.elementcenter.com
Your solution Cosmetic acupuncture: This rejuvenating “face-lift” produces instantaneous glow without the invasive surgical incisions, Botox injections, or excessive cost; instead, think needles no wider than a strand of hair that stimulate the body to produce natural collagen and elastin, which fill in those fine lines. Docs on call Lauren Mathews or Clariel Hass, licensed acupuncturists
Who knew? Got a red carpet-style event? The procedure is quick and painless enough to use immediately before the soiree, and is so relaxing that some people fall asleep during treatment.

Your problem One too many kiddies underfoot
The clinic Genitourinary Surgical Consultants, 4500 E. Ninth Ave., Suite 530, 303-320-0200
Your solution “No-No” vasectomy: Yep, they can do it sans needle or scalpel. In less than 20 minutes, a “jet injector” sprays local anesthesia in the required area, effectively eliminating the most uncomfortable part (the syringe). The doc then makes a minuscule opening, takes care of business, and sends you on your way—no pain, no bleeding, no stitches, no scarring. No kidding.
Doc on call Dr. Jeffrey Snyder
Who knew? Snyder welcomes his patients’ wives to watch the procedure—the flip side of husbands in the delivery room—because it fosters empathy for the spouse.