Former Orange County, California, sheriff Michael S. Carona, a man once hailed as America’s Sheriff, appeared Tuesday at The Camp, a federal prison in Englewood, to begin serving five-and-a-half years of a witness-tampering conviction. The 55-year-old Carona is set to serve 66 months in the minimum-security facility, according to CNN. He was convicted of trying to persuade a former assistant to withhold testimony from a federal grand jury that was investigating claims of corruption in his campaign and administration, including accepting bribes.

In addition to the sentence, Carona must pay a fine of $125,000, but his time in Colorado might not be all that bad, comparatively speaking. The Englewood prison was named one of the 12 best in the country in 2006, writes Forbes magazine, one of the relatively luxurious prisons that hold the nation’s white-collar crooks. If the facility offers the same amenities today, Carona “can blow off steam by playing pool, ping-pong, or even foosball.”