I can remember being pregnant last spring and looking out the window at a robin furiously building a nest under the eave of our patio awning. “I totally get it,” I said out loud with a chuckle, as the robin shot away for another load of twigs. We’d just bought a new house, and I, too, was feverishly running around town, bringing back side tables and lamps, cribs and blankets, in my own version of nest-building. But then, the babies arrived (twins)—along with sleepless nights and a different kind of running around. (Off to get more diapers!) Today I woefully admit: For the editor of a home magazine, my house is still very much a work in progress.

But here we are. It’s springtime again. The girls are crawling and we’re emerging from our cave a little bleary-eyed but ready to get out and go. And as I leaf through this second edition of 5280 Home, I find myself inspired to get back to work on our little nest.

In this issue, we take you inside the home of Denver interior designer Andrea Monath Schumacher (“Oh So Lovely,” page 38) to find out whether designers’ private homes are as beautiful as the houses they decorate. Short answer: Absolutely! We meet a local artist whose paintings have inspired a new line of vibrant fabrics (“Works of Art,” page 28) and learn how to make quick and easy succulent arrangements for the coffee table (“Pretty Pots,” page 34). And in “Urban Nesting” (page 74), a young Denver family shows how a bold remodel transformed its circa-1895 Cheesman Park house into a gorgeous and livable home. (Don’t miss the kitchen light fixture, page 84, created by a Denver artist to resemble an oversize bird’s nest—how appropriate.)

I hope this issue inspires you and your style as much as it has mine. Happy nesting!

This article was originally published in 5280 Home Spring 2013.
Cheryl Meyers
Cheryl Meyers
Cheryl Meyers is a contributing writer to 5280 Home, which means she gets to spend her days writing about Colorado’s most beautiful indoor spaces.