Former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff won the Democratic caucuses for U.S. Senate in Colorado Tuesday night, but the margin by which he won is still unclear. According to Politico’s latest report, he was just under the 50 percent mark (49.9 percent of the vote to Senator Michael Bennet’s 41.9 percent), with many precincts still being tallied.

The slide from initial reports that put Romanoff (right) farther ahead gives Bennet staffers room to spin the results positively.

“We beat our internal expectations with a stronger-than-expected showing on the Western Slope and solid victories in Larimer and El Paso [counties], plus close wins in Boulder and Weld [counties],” says Bennet campaign manager Craig Hughes.

Romanoff, who has rejected money from political action committees, still faces Bennet’s $3.7 million and backing from key Democrats, including President Barack Obama, notes The Denver Post. Yet nationally, as in Colorado, many voters are fed up with Washington, especially the activists who tend to vote during caucuses.

Still, publications like The Hill find it hard to tap much enthusiasm for Bennet: “Yes, Bennet is an appointee who has no real connection to that activist base, but he is still a sitting United States senator.”