Andrew Romanoff’s U.S. Senate campaign reaped plenty of headlines Monday regarding comments to Politico that he’d accept money from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the general election.

As The Colorado Statesman points out, the organization rakes in plenty of dough from political action committees, which Romanoff has claimed to reject as a source of funding in his effort to unseat U.S. Senator Michael Bennet in the Democratic primary.

Bennet’s campaign has jumped on the comments as evidence that Romanoff is a flip-flopper.

Bennet spokesman Trevor Kincaid labels Romanoff a “dishonest, career politician,” writes Politico, in a follow-up article that attempts to clarify Romanoff’s position.

“I am not taking PAC money now, and I will not take any PAC money in the general election,” reads a statement. “The DSCC is now supporting my opponent, supplementing the $1.3 million he has taken from PACs with independent expenditures of its own. After I win the primary, I will ask the DSCC to honor my pledge by excluding PAC dollars from any contributions or expenditures it makes on my behalf.”

The New York Times, meanwhile, looks at the extent to which the White House is going to support Bennet.

“The extraordinary presidential effort” underscores that Bennet “is in significant trouble” in the primary, writes the Times. That includes a telephone town hall meeting featuring six minutes of comments from President Obama, which took place last night. The Denver Post has details.