Labor Day Weekend, “God and Country,” complete with Ann Coulter, Zell Miller and Christian bands, is coming to Denver’s Pepsi Center.

I did a little research on “God and Country,” suspecting that James Dobson was sponsoring it. But it’s chief sponsor is a group called “Out of the Box Foundation.” They don’t appear to have a website. All I could find is a bunch of causes to which it has donated in the past. And the name of one of its directors, Susan Schaefer. Among the things I learned about Ms. Schaefer, who is married with kids and from Chicago, is this form she filled out for her high school update, on what she is doing and believing in now.

My Job: Director, Out of the Box Foundation

The most interesting part was where she answers the question about what she would do if she were President for a day:

Freedom for homosexual persons to marry under the law.

I wonder if God and Country or Out of the Box Foundation would consider that a firing offense.