It was going to be a Marilyn Musgrave v. Angie Paccione race. Not any more. A Reform Party candidate, Eric Eidsness, has entered the fray for the 4th Congressional District Seat.

Who does Eidsness’ entry hurt the most? Will he be a spoiler for Rep. Musgrave? The Post notes:

The prospects of a third- party candidate — once a Republican — capturing moderate conservative votes could work against Musgrave.

On the other hand, Musgrave so far has raised the most money, has the highest name recognition and is running in a predominately Republican district.

Then again, Angie Paccione has a lot of energy. She’s calling for debates with Rep. Musgrave, calls that so far have gone unanswered. And, while primarily rural, the district has become more urban in recent years, which should tend to favor a less conservative candidate than Musgrave.

What does the Reform Party stand for? You can find its objectives here. The only thing that leapt out at me was its position on immigration. The party advocates the U.S.:

  • Keep a record of all Visa holders and foreign visitors and send them home when their visa runs out.
  • Establish a firm cap of 200,000 immigrants per year until the current wave of mass immigration is assimilated.
  • Limit family reunification to spouses and minor children of legal immigrants.
  • Ban future amnesties for illegal immigrants and review political asylum claims.

It also professes to be pro-environment and in favor of a universal, single-payer health program.

The one issue I couldn’t find on their website that might be of interest in the 4th Congressional District race is the party’s view on domestic partnerships.

It will be interesting to see both Rep. Musgrave and Angie Paccione’s reactions to their new rival in the coming days.