Police have arrested Mary “Kathy” Madill, a nurse at St. Anthony Central Hospital, after she turned herself in yesterday afternoon in another medical drug-theft scandal along the Front Range. Madill, 55, is the second nurse at St. Anthony’s alleged to be stealing drugs in recent months and was fired, along with three of the hospital’s managers (via 9News). Madill, who worked in St. Anthony’s emergency room, is just one of several names on the growing list of medical workers in the region implicated in drug crimes, including Kristen Diane Parker, Marguerite Irene Furgerson, and Jillian Fischer. St. Anthony’s conducted an internal investigation and “found that there is no reason to believe that any patients were harmed or compromised in any way.” Three high-level managers in the nursing and pharmacy departments were also let go, including a director, Molly Ivancie, who tells 9News that she helped notify the hospital about Madill and doesn’t know why she was fired. Pharmacy director Steve Johnson and former neuro-surgical manager Sandy Hoopes were also fired. It was unclear whether they will face any charges.