Coloradans’ fight against bears took on a new dimension when Sally Rebehn of Vail fought off one of the beasts, which foraged some ice cream and chili in her kitchen before settling on some chicken wings from Moe’s. Rebehn didn’t have an electrified mat like the one I told you about yesterday outside Aspen’s Main Street Bakery. Instead, as Rebehn got over the initial shock of realizing the bear wasn’t her dog, she pulled out a decorative pillow and threw it at the beast, writes the Vail Daily, which reports the incident occurred in Intermountain a few weeks ago. As the bear approached Rebehn, it made an odd hissing and “bop-bop-bop” sound, standing on its hind legs about 12 feet away. That’s when Rebehn screamed and employed the pillow, causing the bear to run and buying her time to call authorities. “The only thing we know that it ate every last bit of was Moe’s Barbecue,” she says. Police chased the bear, which brought along cubs. The family returned again twice, leading the Colorado Division of Wildlife to set a trap. The mother bear and a cub were eventually put down. Two other cubs, which appeared to be afraid of humans, were relocated.