Roughly two weeks before Christmas, a robbery at Las Vegas’ Bellagio hotel drew national headlines. The thief, masked by a full-face motorcycle helmet, infamously made off with $1.5 million in casino chips, which police immediately noted would be difficult—if not impossible—to cash in. They were right. Twenty-nine-year-old Anthony Michael Carleo was arrested Wednesday night after attempting to sell some of the chips to undercover officers, writes the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Carleo, also known as Anthony Assad, moved back to Las Vegas in 2009 from Pueblo, where things didn’t go so well for him, either, according to the Denver Post. He also filed for bankruptcy in 2009, with debts that included mortgages on four Pueblo properties. The robbery “is considered one of the largest of its kind in recent history,” writes the Chieftain, which has plenty of details from the arrest report, including charges of drug trafficking. The paper notes that Carleo “made admissions as to his involvement” in the Bellagio robbery, and police say further arrests could be made.