If you’re a Republican and still undecided on how to vote for President, I don’t have much advice for you other than this: Don’t pick Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Why not McCain? Because he’s rooting against the Rockies, as M.E. Sprengelmeyer of the Rocky Mountain News writes in his blog “Back Roads to the White House“:

…since Colorado is one of the sleeper battlefields in the Republican presidential contest — a place where former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaigned just yesterday — we thought we’d give McCain a chance to win some Colorado votes by switching his baseball allegiance.

“I think we know who I’m supporting,” McCain said.

But we pushed the issue.

BACK ROADS: “So, you’re not going to support the Rockies and try to win Colorado?”

MCCAIN: “I’ve been known to pander, but that’s a depth to which I won’t sink.”

Sadly for McCain he shares a similar set of circumstances with the Arizona Diamondbacks: Both are already trailing the leader.