Denver’s budding collection of tech startups are churning out new mobile phone apps at a rapid pace. Companies based in the Mile High City have produced apps that range from a personal bodyguard service to products aimed at helping consumers navigate our country’s complicated health care system. Next up: RemoteLock, an app that allows you to lock, or unlock, doors to your home remotely using your cell phone.

Install the RemoteLock keypad on your door and, just like it sounds, the app allows you control the lock from anywhere you have cell reception—which means no more rushing out of the house and, minutes later, wondering whether you remembered to lock up. The app also allows you to program temporary access codes on the 10-digit keypad. “The temporary code feature is perfect for rental property owners, people who travel, or those who work all day and can’t let someone into their home,” says marketing director Rob Goff. “You can remotely create codes which last for a specified amount of time—a few hours, one day, or even longer.” At a time when more and more people seem hard-wired to mobile devices, it’s almost surprising someone hadn’t thought of this sooner. (The RemoteLock system—the lock and the mobile phone app—is available for $199.)

Image courtesy of Shutterstock