The websites of certain local government agencies remain notoriously cumbersome, so the state is helping out with roughly $100,000 for improvements. The Colorado Independent lists the grants, which range from $549 for Bailey’s Will-O-Wisp Metropolitan District to $8,000 for Yuma District Hospital.

Meanwhile, smart local businesses are fully embracing the tech evolution, like Boulder’s Flagstaff House, which has made its 2,500-plus wine list available in an iPad app, notes the Denver Post. The technology allows diners to peruse the list by price, region, or varietal, and create a “consideration list” to discuss with a sommelier.

For more app fun, check out the Post’s 10 favorite local smart phone apps, including information on everything from ski reports to the latest lottery data, as well as games. Fiona Schlachter’s “Fidatto” app for Facebook isn’t on the list, but it could be soon. Fidatto allows users to see and solicit recommendations for services written by their Facebook friends, Schlachter tells Boulder’s Daily Camera, adding that her app has active users in 10 states and applies to any business in the United States.