What if finding a roommate was as easy as picking a date on Tinder?

The Roomi app promises to streamline the often-painstaking process of looking for housing while giving users the opportunity to safely and easily connect with potential roommates.

Launched in 2015 in New York, Roomi recently became available in the Denver–Boulder area. According to founder Ajay Yadav, the decision to come to the Mile High City was, in part, due to the large influx of millennials. With rents throughout the metro area climbing above national averages, according to Zillow, Yadav says many of the city’s young residents find getting a roommate or two is the only affordable option. But that doesn’t mean they have to stick to Craigslist or move in with total strangers.

“Housing is a big expense and roommates are pretty much a necessity,” says Yadav, who was inspired to create the app after his own grueling roommate search in New York City. “So if I have to live with someone else then why not make it an amazing experience and find people that I really enjoy living with?”

On Roomi, users create a profile, much like on a dating app, and can share photos of themselves, select hobbies and interests, and link their Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts to provide more information about their lifestyle. You can even select descriptors such as “night owl,” “clean freak,” or “gym rat” and denote pet allergies or smoking habits to determine compatibility.

Room-seekers can select preferences for age or gender, filter listings by price range and neighborhood, browse photos of verified listings, and communicate with prospective housemates through a safe, internal messaging system. For those who have space available, Roomi allows users to list rooms or apartments by uploading photos, setting prices, and describing their ideal living situation. The best part? Whether you’re listing or looking, Roomi is totally free.

The app is currently available on Android and Apple devices in 18 cities across the U.S. and Canada. As a special launch promotion, Yadav says the first Roomi match in the Denver-Boulder area will win free rent from the company. That’s a solid perk, but nothing beats finding a roommate who’s just as into reality TV and pizza as you are.