At the end of a long meal I often find myself craving a liquid dessert—a good Sauternes, late-harvest Riesling, or Moscato d’Asti. After-dinner cocktails have never been my thing, in part because too many bartenders are quick to suggest a Negroni or other bitter-bomb that really belongs before dinner. Thanks to Frasca Food and Wine I recently found my new favorite digestif: A Chartreuse cocktail called the 1605. Bartender Eric Linder stumbled upon the recipe while pouring over the Chartreuse website. Named for the year in which Carthusian monks first distilled the herbal spirit, this sweet tipple is made with muddled sugar and limes, green Chartreuse, mint, and dashes of soda and bitters. Linder uses Silver Plume’s Dram Wild Mountain Sage bitters.

Next time you grab dinner in Boulder, head to Frasca for a nightcap—or try the recipe at home.

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Image courtesy of Allison Anderson, Frasca Food and Wine.