Earlier this month, airfares sunk so low that it was hard to argue with anyone who wanted to buck the staycation trend and book a flight. Sales on tickets for short routes, such as Chicago-Minneapolis, were as low as $81 round-trip, including taxes and fees, as USA Today reported. While fares from Denver to popular cities aren’t quite as cheap, tickets from the Mile-High City are lower than they have been in nearly a generation. Domestic airfares from Denver International Airport cost an average of $292 in the first quarter of 2009, which, as the Denver Business Journal reports, are the lowest in 14 years of record-keeping by the feds. And that’s also better than the average U.S. fare, which is $315. One related bit of news: As of today, new taxis without meters—but a higher fare—will be stationed at the airport, ready to whisk you downtown, to the Tech Center, or to Boulder. The cost of a ride from DIA to downtown, for example, will increase to $51, according to 7News.