McDaniels, JoshIt really doesn’t get any worse for Broncos fans than losing to the Oakland Raiders. Despite the Raiders starting their third-string quarterback and the Broncos having pasted the Raiders earlier in the season, Oakland ran all over Denver for a deflating 20-19 win at Invesco Field.

The Raiders racked up 241 rushing yards against the Broncos, the highest rushing total the Broncos have given up all season, according to The Denver Post (free registration required).

And the Broncos couldn’t have asked for a better situation to win the game. The Raiders started Charlie Frye, a mediocre-at-best journeyman quarterback. He was knocked out of the game on a hard hit and replaced by JaMarcus Russell, one of the crappiest number-one draft picks of all time.

Sports Illustrated says the loss represents the same pattern Denver fans have become used to over the last few years. In 2006, the Broncos could have made the playoffs with a win over the 11-point underdog San Francisco 49ers in the last game of the season but couldn’t get the win. And last season, when the Broncos needed just one win in their last three games, they couldn’t pull it off.

Most frustrating was the team repeatedly getting close enough to sniff the goal line and then failing to cross the threshold. Coach Josh McDaniels (pictured) wins the Captain Obvious award for saying the three opportunities the team had within the three-yard line need to be converted into touchdowns instead of field goals (via Mile High Report).

There isn’t much time to complain, though, because the Broncos head into next weekend’s game in Philly against the Eagles in a must-win situation. The Broncos hold the last wildcard playoff spot, and a whole bevy of teams sit just one game back.