The Colorado Rockies are on a spring training roll, with the latest victory coming in a 5-4 win over the San Diego Padres. Pitcher Jorge De La Rosa looks like he’s in mid-season form, allowing just one hit and one walk in his second appearance—and he has yet to give up a run (via The Associated Press).

The offense is flowing pretty well, too, led by backup catcher Miguel Olivo, who blasted a two-run home run and a double later in Monday’s game, writes Purple Row.

Meanwhile, one-time closer and current reliever Manny Corpas tells The Associated Press he realizes the four-year, $8 million investment the Rockies made in him during spring training 2008 has been a poor investment and that he needs to get his form back before he’s drawing his mighty salary in the minor leagues.

He needs to drop about 15 pounds and prove conditioning isn’t the issue it appears to be, but pitching coach Bob Apodaca and manager Jim Tracy are encouraged that Corpas’ pitches are looking better than they have since he was benched halfway through last year with elbow problems.

Still, the Rockies are in a great position moving forward, and everybody in the division knows it. The San Francisco Chronicle writes that the Rockies are the favorites to win the division for good reason, and the only way the San Francisco Giants can finish better is to “hope the Rockies get caught between identities, as this offense makes a dramatic transition from ponderous sluggers to the run-manufacturing talents of Dexter Fowler, Carlos Gonzales, and (once he wins a job) Eric Young Jr.”

The Chronicle thinks the Rockies need to figure out why catcher Yorvit Torrealba gave up a solid, two-year offer to accept a one-year deal from the projected last-place Padres, and the fact that returning pitcher Jeff Francis hasn’t pitched in a real game since September 2008 should be of concern. The Chronicle is right, sort of, although it seems to be reaching simply to find something negative.

The Denver Post offers another perspective, saying the Rockies have the best bench players in franchise history and the most defensive versatility in baseball. All this hype could lead to a spectacular fall for the Rockies this year.