Tea Party godfather Glenn Beck and his followers aren’t shy about sharing their interpretations of the United States Constitution. How closely have you been paying attention? Quiz yourself on October 26, when The Constitution Challenge rolls into Colorado Springs on the heels of a rally with Beck.

“After five decades of cultural dominance by the secular-socialist agenda, people who are products of America’s public schools are largely unaware of what is unique about the Godly origins of our American freedom, and what will replace it if we allow it to be taken from us,” says former TV anchorman Shad Olson, who currently hosts a conservative talk show (via The Constitutionalist Today.)

The latest Tea Party road show reveals that “presenting a rigorous learning opportunity from a Christian perspective is the goal of the project,” which includes “an after school quiz bowl activity, and a similar study course geared to adult students in small group or Sunday school settings.”

The Colorado stop is sponsored by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, notes The Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels, “considered the most conservative gun group in the state.”

Meanwhile, Westword watches Brendan Steinhauser, director of state and federal campaigns for the conservative FreedomWorks, tout Ken Buck as a tea party darling on The Colbert Report. In his look at how the tea party has been co-opted by Republicans, Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi writes, “Taking the lead was former House majority leader Dick Armey, who as chair of a group called FreedomWorks helped coordinate tea party rallies across the country. A succession of Republican Party insiders and money guys make up the guts of FreedomWorks.”