Daniel Renwick exchanged gunshots with an officer in the Western Slope town of Rifle before he was taken into custody over the weekend—one of three convicted killers who escaped from a privately operated prison in Arizona through a hole cut into a fence. Renwick, who was spotted in a brown Chevy Blazer by an officer who gave chase, is now being held in Colorado, where the U.S. Marshals Service is expected to question him, writes CNN. After escaping prison, Renwick, Tracy Province, and John McCluskey eluded a search that included dogs and a helicopter. The three then allegedly abducted two truck drivers on I-40 outside of Kingman, Arizona, and hijacked an 18-wheel truck. They released the drivers about 135 miles later. The search continues for Province and McCluskey, who are no longer believed to be traveling in a silver Volkswagen Jetta, according to a news release Monday morning from the Arizona Department of Corrections cited by The Associated Press. The men are still suspected to be in Arizona with a woman who may have aided in the escape, Casslyn Mae Welch.