When Aron Ralston cut off part of his right arm to free himself from a boulder in a Utah canyon, he probably wasn’t thinking he might become famous from the experience. Besides serving as the inspiration for the film 127 Hours, which is nominated for six Oscars, the life-changing event also earned him a spot on NBC’s Minute to Win It game show last night, writes the Aspen Times. Ralston won $125,000 for Carbondale’s Wilderness Workshop, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the environment. The former Aspenite, who says he doesn’t own a television, hadn’t heard of the show when the producers approached him.

Ralston and his wife, who live in Boulder, will fly to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards this weekend. In case you don’t own a television either (or follow Hollywood headlines), actor James Franco, who portrays Ralston in the film and accepted an award from him last weekend in Boulder, will co-host the Oscars this year with Anne Hathaway.