As a mom to three daughters (ages seven, four, and 18 months), novelist Jennifer Manske Fenske (pictured, right, with her husband) knows something about decorating kids’ rooms. But as the wife of an artist—and a creative woman herself—Fenske had trouble finding works to hang on the wall that felt appropriate and unique for her girls. “I believe that children really do deserve pretty art,” she says. “I think that they are incredibly intelligent and that they respond to art that speaks to them.” So her husband, Jonathan Fenske, started painting and Fat and Appy was born.

The project really started before that, though. The Thornton couple decided to collaborate on an app after tiring of looking for good ones for their kids. Their product, Healthy Creatures, lets kids play with fruits and veggies and turn them into art. After releasing it, though, they felt unfulfilled. But Jennifer loved the art, which Jonathan had designed, and they soon realized they were on to something.

Some of the vintage- and food-inspired pieces are painted, others are drawn digitally, but all are Jonathan’s original work. The retro canvases tend to have a more relaxed, pastel-esque color palette while the fruits and veggies are bright and airy. They’re available in four different sizes (all square), with prices ranging from $99 to $249.

“Hopefully it appeals to that mom or dad looking for something a little bit different,” Jennifer says. “Children can have conversations with you about art: ‘What was the artist thinking when they did this? Does it make you laugh or make you sad?’ It can be a joy.”

See a print you like? You can buy it on the Fat and Appy website. Follow the company on Twitter and Facebook for coupons and other deals. Every purchase comes with a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee, meaning you can return the piece for a full refund if it doesn’t make you “super happy.”

All images courtesy of Jonathan Fenske and Jennifer Manske Fenske


Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer
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