Pikes Peak Behavioral Health in Colorado Springs, a nonprofit mental health counseling center with a “growing number of military” patients is seeking to buy a half-built, foreclosed apartment project near the Fort Carson Army Post, according to The New York Times, which reports that the organization wants to finish the project with the help of soldiers and then sell the buildings and use the money to buy another property to repeat the process. It’s one way to help soldiers integrate back to the civilian life. Officials on the Army post also hope extreme sports events can help “cure the ills” of long, hard deployments in Iraq, writes the Colorado Springs Gazette, quoting commander Maj. Gen. Mark Graham as an advocate of the idea. Fort Carson has struggled with a spate of suicides and homicides involving soldiers, as several news organizations have reported in recent months. The war continues to be rough on Fort Carson: Five of the post’s soldiers were killed Sunday in an explosion in Mosul, according to the Defense Department (via The Denver Post), representing the deadliest attack on troops in more than a year.