Whether it’s for a weekend excursion while on a hiking story assignment or a much-needed personal vacation, the 5280 editorial staff is used to filling suitcases. While some items may be forgotten at home when gearing up, we asked the staff what their must-pack item is for any trip.

Jessica Farmwald, copy chief: My Kindle. It’s awesome for traveling and doesn’t take up space. When I was a kid, I used to pile books into my suitcase. This way it doesn’t matter how many books I bring or what I’m reading.

Lindsey B. Koehler, features editor: I have crazy curly hair, so I must pack a hairdryer or, if that’s not possible because you are camping or something, a baseball hat. It’s really out-of-control hair; it’s not just a girly problem.

Natasha Gardner, digital editor/senior editor: I must pack sunscreen. I’m very pale, almost translucent.

David McKenna, art director: I’m pretty low-maintenance, but I must pack snacks and games for my kid.

Lindsey R. McKissick, editorial assistant: My journal. It comes everywhere I go. And now my kid does, too.

Chris Outcalt, assistant editor: When I’m camping, it would be beer or whiskey and a book.

Dana Pritts Smith, associate art director: My must-pack item is Joshua Tree Mountain Mint Lip Balm—love that stuff.

Jerilyn Forsythe, digital assistant editor: I always bring a plastic bag for any dirty laundry. I have a thing about dirty clothes touching clean clothes.

Geoff Van Dyke, editorial director: I have to take my cell phone with me on a trip. I just got a Kindle and I’m excited to travel with that. I also always take running shoes.