Here at 5280, we have an affinity for food. While many (most) of us aren’t dining experts or restaurant critics, we know a poor experience can ruin a good meal. And just like all of you, there are little things that irk us. Here, a list of 5280 staffers’ restaurant pet peeves. (For more on this topic, check out restaurant critic Stacey Brugeman‘s recent “Tough Love: Denver Service Needs A Kick in the Pants“).

The Waiting Game: “My biggest restaurant pet peeve is waiting longer than I should (to be sat, for a drink, etc.) when employees are in sight and lackadaisically chitchatting.” —Jerilyn Forsythe, Digital Assistant Editor

Blissfully Ignorant: “I hate when the restaurant gets something wrong or the food sucks and the waiter can tell, but he or she doesn’t offer to take care of it or take it off the bill.” —Lindsey B. Koehler, Features Editor

The Great Orator: “When waiters and waitresses over-explain things when I haven’t asked about it. They don’t have to launch into a 20-minute speech about something I don’t care about.” —Chris Outcalt, Assistant Editor

Food Faux Pas: “My pet peeves are food that’s not hot enough or food that is over-salted. I think Tom Colicchio has everyone afraid of under-salting. I also hate too small of portions. I once had to share an espresso-size cup of beet cotton candy. It was for two!” —David McKenna, Art Director

It’s Time To Go: Even the loveliest of meals can be marred by a long wait for the check. By the end of a meal, I just want to go home. (And by the way, don’t you want to turn my table?) —Amanda M. Faison, Food Editor

Tapped Out: “When a server reads us a list of the beers on tap, then when we decide on one, and the server comes back and says they’re out. Even worse if it happens more than once in one visit.” —Lindsey R. McKissick, Editorial Assistant

Mind Games: “Waiters who don’t write down my order. You may be in Mensa and have an incredible memory, but still write it down. If I was ever proven incorrect on this point, that would be fine, but the orders are always wrong. It’s especially important to me because I have family and friends with food allergies. I’m not willing to bet their health on your memory.” —Natasha Gardner, Senior Editor/Digital Editor

Soap Opera: “Servers who don’t know the menu, cell phones on the table, and stinky bathroom soap.” —Dana Pritts Smith, Associate Art Director

Little Ray of Sunshine: “I served through high school and college, so I am able to understand and excuse a lot. However, I cannot tolerate a waitstaff that is just rude and grumpy. Your job is to be happy and have a good attitude.” —Jessica Farmwald, Copy Chief

Draft House: “I’ve noticed recently that I’ll sit next to a window at happy hour or something and there’s a draft that comes through the window.” —Daliah Singer, Associate Editor

Rush Hour: “When you feel like you’re being rushed out of a restaurant.”—Sean Parsons, Art & Photo Assistant

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