Yesterday’s recall election in Aspen was a political bloodbath for District Attorney Colleen Truden.

Ninth Judicial District Attorney Colleen Truden made history Tuesday. Voters recalled the embattled prosecutor by a 4-1 margin, making her the first district attorney in Colorado to ever be forced out of office. She was accused of lying, nepotism, mismanagement, a lack of accountability and a failure to prosecute meaningful cases.

…The outcome in Pitkin County wasn’t even close. Nearly 95 percent of the electorate, or 2,039 voters, were in favor of the recall compared to just over 5 percent of the electorate, or 112 voters, who voted against it.

Ms. Truden still refuses to take her blinders off:

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Truden, who was joined by her husband Fred and some of her prosecutors, “and if you guys (the press) hadn’t been printing all these things since April, I wouldn’t be in this position. But I know one thing. We’ll be back at work tomorrow.”

When an elected official becomes that out of touch with her constituents, it’s time for her to go.

The new DA will be Martin Beeson, who will take office in about a month.