There’s a new casting call set for Aspen Tuesday.… a reality series is coming to town.

The show is meant to truly depict life in Aspen, he said, and will focus on six to ten of the town’s many characters. Those interested in auditioning for the show should expect to be filmed a couple days of week for a few hours of the day.

“We’re looking for a broad range of characters. Specifically, we’re looking for a location and a person to be our central core character. It could be a restaurant, a bar or a coffee shop,” Stone said. “The locals are what’s most interesting to me.”

Aspen Ski Corp. will cooperate with the show and allow filming on ski slopes, but skiing isn’t the whole story. They really are looking for locals.

“We hope to cast at least a couple of people who are seasonal workers for SkiCo and follow the life of what it’s like to give up everything to come to Aspen for six months,” said casting director Zena Coniglio. “It’s a fantasy a lot of skiers have. … But skiing is more of a backdrop to the show. The show is really going to be about the people. Come one, come all. We’re interested in everybody.”

Coniglio said she is looking for characters 21 years of age or older. A meet-and-greet at Sky Hotel’s 39 Degrees Lounge is planned for Tuesday from 6-10 p.m. Drink specials will be offered. Locals interested in auditioning for the series can call Coniglio at 319-7496 if they are unavailable to meet Tuesday.