The limited print that was allegedly torn from a wall in the Loveland Museum/Gallery by crowbar-wielding Kathleen Folden, a Montana truck driver, won’t be replaced, says acting city manager Rod Wensing. He cites safety concerns in the wake of the “very troubling” incident involving Enrique Chigoya’s The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals, which depicts what appears to be an image of Jesus Christ engaged in oral sex (via The Associated Press). The assault on the work has sent shock waves through Colorado’s artistic communities.

“What is amazing to me is that I’ve never seen such license—this incredible license to do violence to a work of art,” Adam Lerner, director of Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art, tells The Denver Post. “I really hope it doesn’t create any kind of precedent.”

Folden was granted a bond of $350 by an anonymous person yesterday and on her way out of jail avoided reporters’ questions, offering just one statement, “Just remember: God is real” (via 9News).