One sporting event that’s likely to stay under the radar here in Denver is the GEICO EnduroCross Championship competition.

The fifth of six championship rounds descends on the National Western Complex this weekend, with Denver native Geoff Aaron looking to show his hometown what the sport is all about. (EnduroCross is a dirt-bike race much like MotoCross, except the indoor tracks typically feature hard-rock sections and wooden beams representing fallen trees in between jumps.)

Aaron has more of a trials background (video below), which means he performs insane tricks on his bike using jumps, barrels, and rocks. He’s been cross training in MotoCross to refine his racing, but he’s managed to hang close to the top of the GEICO EnduroCross standings, where he sits at second place, according to Dirt Rider Magazine.

Aaron may not be able to catch Taddy Blazusiak for the championship, with Blazusiak dominating the series this year, after an injury derailed Aaron’s championship aspirations in 2008, writes Dirt Bike Magazine.