Perky Cups, the Aurora cafe where baristas don bikinis, has been making headlines for some time now. Back in March and April, the cafe sparked a debate over the First Amendment for its 10-foot-by-20-foot sign featuring a woman in a bikini. Perky Cups also irked some folks when bikini-clad employees sold hot dogs outdoors to passersby.

Now, Aurora City Councilwoman Molly Markert is spearheading an effort to boycott the shop—and all the innocent businesses surrounding it, reports the Aurora Sentinel. At least 30 people have signed the petition against the shop at 12101 E. Iliff Ave.

Markert, who did not return a call for comment, sent a letter to the shop’s property manager, Jamie Mitchell, a broker at Shames-Makovsky Realty: “When one of his employees is raped and murdered, we will all mourn the loss. In the meantime, we pledged together to not shop or frequent any of the shops in that [shopping center] until the outside parades cease permanently.”

Cafe owner Jason Bernal says Markert’s effort is “out of line,” adding, “We’re just a coffee shop; we do nothing illegal here.”