After two insurance companies in Colorado initially denied health-care insurance to two young children, protesters are dusting off their strollers and planning to take to the streets. The Children’s Defense Fund, a leading national nonprofit advocate for kids, is assembling a “baby brigade” that will descend on Washington, D.C., to remind lawmakers that their decision on health-care reform could also impact, and potentially improve, the lives of babies.

The campaign’s Marian Wright Edelman was in Denver to talk about the November 4 rally, telling 9News, “I hoped I’d be out of business by now; our children are going backwards.”

Politicians, she says, pay lip service to kids’ health issues, but year after year do nothing to help when it comes to addressing major issues, such as assuring access to comprehensive care for all newborns as a way to improve infant health—even save infant lives.

“We’re hypocrites,” she says. “We’ve got this huge gap between who we say we are and what we, in fact, do. … We love our own children, but we don’t love others’ children.”