Bachelorette Deanna Pappas last night gave her final rose to Colorado snowboarder Jesse Csinscak (Background here.) They’ve set a wedding date of May 9, 2009 in the Bahamas, where they fell in love.

I was on an ABC media conference call with them today. They will spend the summer traveling. Deanna will learn to snowboard in Mt. Hood, OR where Jesse has some snowboarding activities. They will visit San Diego and then it’s on to Georgia and Ohio to spend time with their families. They will return to Colorado to spend the winter in Breckenridge so Jesse can snowboard. Jesse said he owns some rental properties in Breckenridge and has been in the snowboard marketing business for many years.

They sounded very happy, just as they did on the show last night. They insist the show is real and that two people can find each other and fall in love. Both said their home-town date in Breckenridge was the clincher. Deanna said it was then she realized, “Wow, I cannot live without this person.” For Jesse, it was seeing her with his parents.

Jesse said every rose ceremony he was sure he was going home. Deanna’s response: “My fiance, he’s smokin’ hot. He’s beautiful, and he underestimates himself way too much.”

As to what they would say to skeptics, Deanna said, “We are a normal couple, we can’t go to bloggers and message boards and convince them.” Jesse added a bit later, “It’s as real as real can be.”

As for Jason Mesnick, the Seattle single dad and rejected final suitor, he came on the conference call when they were done. He too insists the show is real. As to why Deanna didn’t pick him, he said she didn’t want her life mapped out, she wanted it to be fun and free. Had she been ready for what she said she was ready for from day one, a family and kids, she would have picked him. If she wasn’t ready or if she changed her mind during the course of the show, she would pick Jesse.

He has no hard feelings and said the three of them will be friends forever. He said while watching the final show last night it became clear to him that the look she gave Jesse was one of absolute love that she never gave to him. He said that’s the look he and anyone else in love needs to get. She just didn’t feel it for him. He said Jesse is a terrific guy and he is very happy for them.

As for what’s next for the engaged and bubbly couple, they will be on America’s Best Dance Crew tonight and throwing out and catching the first pitch at the Dodger’s game this Thursday, July 10.

The show will be back next season with a new Bachelor. Jason hasn’t been asked to be the Bachelor in the future but he’d be open to it.

A final note for those who were wondering: Deanna and Jesse are not pregnant.