I haven’t been enrolled in a college program for over a decade, but I’m a regular on many campuses. Besides tapping them for intellectual energy at this time of year, I also appreciate being able to attend many of the schools’ often free events: guest lecturers, visiting artists, concerts, etc.

Here’s a quick list of the calendars I check most frequently:

University of Denver: DU’s calendar lets you filter by various interests to narrow your options and make the search more efficient.

University of Colorado Boulder: Calendar listings specifically note if events are open to the general public or are designated for students only. Score: beatboxer Shodekeh, scheduled to perform Wednesday, September 8.

Colorado State University: As an alum, I probably drive to Fort Collins more regularly than most people in the metro area, but the school has been holding regular alumni events in Denver lately, as well.

Colorado College: Probably my favorite campus of them all, CC not only hosts creative and engaging events. It’s also located across the street from the spectacular Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.