I am so going to regret this tomorrow.

Somehow I have been convinced to join a team for tonight’s Celebrity Bowling/Billiards and Texas Hold ‘Em tournament at Lucky Strike Lanes. It’s a benefit event to kick off this weekend’s Grand Prix of Denver, and the way I understand it, the winning team gets to pick which charity the proceeds will benefit. Since teams of 12 are $5000 each and individual non-competing tix are a hundred bucks a pop, it seems like the competitive streaks will be on full display tonight. This has me worried.

You see, I suck at any sort of competitive sport. (Competitive cocktailing? That I can handle.) So when anything even slightly important is on the line – like say, thousands of dollars of charity donations – I usually bow out and hide in a corner. I feel safe when I have a drink in one hand and a notebook in the other, with a nice view of the activity so that I can jot notes and make fun of the other crappy bowlers. Is that nice? Not really. Cowardly? Yeah, a little. Comfortable? You got it.

So tonight I’ll get a taste of my own medicine, as I throw gutterball after gutterball (usually mixed up with the random strike, just to mess with my head) and listen over my shoulder for the giggles and whispers.

Considering my catty-chick karma levels, I’m in for some serious humiliation. Or maybe, just maybe, this will be my time to get lucky at Lucky Strike. One can only hope.