As I sat down at my computer this morning, Outlook reminded me of the many events I blew off last night. Francois Safieddine’s “Court of Versailles” birthday party at Monarck (he’s the owner) … Holly’s anniversary surprise party at the Soiled Dove … Aztec Sol’s Grand Opening (they’ve been open for years, oddly enough) … and several other events that I had noted on my calendar only to blatantly ignore.

Why the naughty Kat behavior? It’s all the fault of Carlos. Carlos D from Interpol, that is, whose band played a show at the Fillmore Wednesday night. Afterward, instead of going home with a groupie like a good little indie rocker, he took his workaholic self over to Benders for a hipsters-only after party. Carlos then proceded to take over the DJ booth and throw down sets of retro rock, goth, and pop (Guns & Roses, Sisters of Mercy, Prince), and kept the cool kids hopping between the dance floor and the bar all night. And then, for the after-after party, we continued the evening at a friend’s house – with a fully stocked bar, natch.

So that’s why Kitty wasn’t at school yesterday.

Tonight, after a refreshing evening off spent blissfully couch-surfing, I’m off to Boulder to catch DeVotchKa, the Hot IQs, and Oracle Dance at the annual Valentine’s Ball show. DeVotchKa is an insanely eclectic foursome who play Latin-Transylvanian gypsy rock (or something like that), and if you haven’t seen them, I highly recommend you go.

As for the after party? We’ll see about that.