Anyone listening to what the Denver Post’s former star reporters are saying likely has a pretty dismal view of the newspaper by now. In the wake of the March 2010 departure of multiple-award-winning journalist Miles Moffeit, one of his reporting buddies, former Post columnist Susan Greene, said staying loyal to the paper required a “certain type of Stockholm syndrome.” Now comes another critical, former reporter: Amy Herdy, who is promoting her new book, Diary of a Predator, a look at the scary life of serial rapist Brent J. Brents.

As Westword notes, the book also serves as part memoir, highlighting the writer’s conflicts with Post editors, many of them long gone. Herdy alleges she was urged to use off-the-record comments from Brents—generally a no-no once a reporter makes the promise—because Brents was “a piece of sh#t” who could never sue the paper, and editors were pushing to sensationalize facts in order to compete with the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News.