Someone needs to have a chat with the Santa at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Saturday night I went with friends for an evening stroll through the Blossoms of Light display at the gardens. It was all very wholesome, with hot cocoa, bundled-up kidlets running around, and even a group of little old ladies warbling Christmas carols for the crowd (which, by the way, was huge — the line to get in at 7 p.m. went all around the block). But then, we ran into Santa. My friend Sarah asked Santa in passing — literally, we were just walking past him — what she’s getting for Christmas this year. Santa said if she was good, he’d leave her … a bottle of tequila. And if she was bad, she asked? Well then, he’d leave her two. Ew. I don’t know about you, but Santa telling a woman that he’ll drop down her chimney with a couple bottles of hooch just doesn’t say “happy holidays” to me. I loved the movie last year, but meeting a bad Santa in person left me feeling a bit bah-humbug.