I first discovered my love of cheese—particularly Brie, Roquefort, and goat—while studying in Paris. In the United States, these younger-aged cheeses are often pasteurized (read: bland), and they have little in common with the flavorful French varieties.

But a recent taste of Bella Bistro‘s cheese-centered appetizers instantly took me back to the cafes of Paris. It makes sense: The Olde Town Arvada restaurant special orders many of its cheeses from France and Italy. While the menu changes regularly, keep an eye out for the following dishes:

The baked Brie, served with honey and walnuts, is heavenly, with a rind that isn’t too hard and a gooey center that’s silky and rich.

And on my last visit, I devoured the bruschetta with goat cheese. Drizzled in olive oil and topped with sea salt, the cheese has a light, fluffy texture and strong flavor that most American brands miss.

7702 Ralston Rd., Arvada, 303-358-7253