Richard Heene and his family may no longer be residents of Colorado, but they’re still making a few headlines here. The most recent (will it be the final chapter?) look to answer the question, “What ever happened to the Balloon Boy dad?” According to The Denver Post, he’s staging a comeback—but it’s not in the form of a reality TV show, as many predicted.

Instead, Heene, now living in Bradenton, Florida, has rolled out his latest invention: a large backscratcher made out of a stick of wood that mounts to a wall. is selling the scratchers for $19.99 each. And more products are coming, the website promises. “Most of Richard’s inventions are geared to making life easier for people or to save human lives,” reads the site.

But for now, as 7News points out, Heene’s focus is on keeping backs itch-free, caniform style.”You ever walk in the woods and see a bear break off a branch and scratch his back?” Heene asks in a video. “No, he uses the entire tree.”