OK, I realize that I should just shut up about all this, because it’s really just sending hordes of curious clubbers over to the Donkey Den…but. I had to point this out.

After all the lengthy explanations offered by the owner of the spot, I noticed something extremely interesting. I think Tosh Berman may have let someting slip before he started choosing his words more carefully. There is a comment on one of my earlier posts from June 7 by “truth” that says:

… “I spoke to some of the 25 women that work at the Den, who all informed me that is was the best job they had ever had and that the name is just for shock value.”

Funny that the post states the staffers said the name was “just for shock value.” It implies that they knew all along about the many questionable and/or vulgar references to sex and prostitution.

More importantly, “truth” is actually Tosh Berman. I replied to “truth” directly via e-mail (I get an e-mail every time someone comments on one of my posts), and the reply back came from the same address, but this time the sender was identified as Tosh Berman, the very same person who swore his total innocence to me just two days ago.

Before, I couldn’t be absolutely certain about his intentions in naming the bar and menu items. Now, I’m definitely convinced that he knew all along, and for me that’s a key point. I think he planned this entire situation from the start, and it bugs me to no end that this creepy marketing ploy seems to be doing nothing but help his business.

‘Nuff said. I am now officially done with this entire saga.